Situ Gintung Dam Burst in Indonesia, Reminds Tsunami

by OldSailor on March 27, 2009


Situ Gintung Dam in Indonesia burst this morning (March 27, Friday) around 0200 local time, when people in the nearby area were sleeping without any option to flee. This has reminded the people of Indonesia, deadly Tsunami ofindonesia_Situ_Gintung_dam December 26, 2004.

  • due to heavy rains, the dam was full and collapsed.
  • the flood waters swept settlement areas at Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang, Banten province of Indonesia.
  • the floodwaters reached a height of upto four metres.
  • at least 50 people have drowned and the death toll is likely to increase.
  • hundreds of homes are flooded.
  • initially the residents heard loud noises as that of a powerful earthquake and later it was realized that the noises came from floodwaters coming from the dam burst.
  • Search and rescue work is going on.

For photographs, log on to Xinhua News.

Read more from BBC News.

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Dam: The 10 metre high dam at the time of collapse, was having about 2 million cubic metres of water at a lake fed by the Pesanggrahan river. The dam was built almost a century ago and heavy rains caused the dam to first overflow and then, because the foundation was not made of concrete, to burst.

View video clip of the rescue operations here.

More photographs are at Xinhua News.

Update: March 28

77 people have been killed, 102 people gone missing and 50 people have been wounded due to Situ Gintung Dam burst. Read more from Xinhua News.

View a video clip: Floods after dam burst.

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