Air Force Bombers: China’s Substitute for Icebreakers

by OldSailor on March 24, 2009


Generally, ‘Icebreakers’ – icebreaking ships are deployed to navigate in ice covered waters. Being special purpose ships with ice strengthened hull, ice breaking shape and with adequate power to propel in ice covered waters, they are capable of opening up ice covered waterways for navigation. airforce_bomber

On March 18, China deployed Air Force Bombers as substitute to Icebreakers to clear ice covered waters of the Inner Mongolia segment of the Yellow River.

Here is the press release from China Military Online.

At about 10:00 on March 18, a division of the air force under the Lanzhou Military Area Command (MAC) emergently dispatched three bombers to carry out ice-bombing mission above the Inner Mongolia segment of the Yellow River.

The 700-odd km long river surface of the Inner Mongolia segment of the Yellow River always freezes up every winter. And in the next spring, the Yellow River encounters flowing ice cubes when the ice melts. However, this year, at the request of the local government, the air force under the Lanzhou MAC sent out aerial-surveying planes to make aerial photography and reconnaissance in advance, so as to get prepared to prevent ice blockage. On March 18, three bombers were ordered to fly to the dangerous segment of the Yellow River to carry out ice-bombing mission.

At 11:30, these bombers arrived at the designated air space on time after long-range raid. Upon receiving the order, the pilots cast the bombs to the ice-concentrated area accurately. The thick ice was immediately broken with ice cubes splashing on the river surface. At 13:30, the bombers successfully completed their mission and returned to their base.

For amazing photographs, log on to China Defense Mashup.

China’s icebreaker “Xue Long” (or “Snow Dragon”) is expected to arrive in Shanghai on April 10 after completing Antarctic expedition.

Here is a photograph of China’s ice breaker Xue Long from Chinagate.


View here, an interesting video clip of an Icebreaker.

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