Weekend Test: Assess Your Potential to Become an Officer in Indian Navy

by OldSailor on March 15, 2009


DIPR_2 Good news for youngsters.

Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) conducts a free online test, to know your potential to become an Officer in the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force). DIPR is a premier research laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), and has completed fifty-seven years of dedicated service to the nation.

Why to join Indian Armed Forces ?

To have a bright future, in the present state of recession and global meltdown. There is shortage of officers in the Indian Armed Forces as per Express India news report dated February 25, 2009:DIPR_1

  • Army: 23.8 percent
  • Navy: 16.7 percent
  • Air Force: 12.1 percent

The free online test by DIPR is for Indian Nationals and consists of

  • Cognitive Test:
    • you have to answer 20 multiple choice questions within 15 minutes.
    • each question has five choices to select.
  • Temperament Test and Personality Test:
    • Temperament Test has 21 statements and Personality Test has 27 statements to answer.
    • each statement has five options ranging from “strongly agree to strongly disagree”.
    • there is no right or wrong answer for these statements and just reply honestly, spontaneously without wasting time.
  • On completion of the test, result would flash on the screen stating whether you have the potential to join the Armed Forces.
  • This test is not for discouraging anyone to apply to Armed Forces and this test gives an indication towards your potential for the job.
  • This test can guide prospective applicants to make up their mind for choosing the right career.

If you have made up your mind to appear in the test, confidently log on to Military As A Career: A Self Assessment Tool, register for the test and appear in the test.

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