Floating Security Barriers to Protect Coastal Assets

by OldSailor on March 10, 2009


Floating Security Barriers or Marine fences are available to protect coastal assets like sea port, military base, nuclear power plant, fuel storage facility, space vehicle whisprwavelaunch facility from sea based terrorist attacks.

Some of the floating security barriers available are:

  • Force Protection Marine Barrier Systems from WhisprWave.
  • Floating security barriers from Midlantic Security.

WhisprWave Force Protection Marine Barrier Systems

  • helps to assist in the demarcation of Homeland Security Zones and serve as a physical barrier/marine fence to stop sea based  terrorist activities.
  • has the flexibility to allow authorized vessels to enter or depart the maritime Force Protection Security Zone and then to be closed to re-establish the security zone perimeter.
  • four primary configurations of the WhisprWave barriers available are: midlantic_security
    • Line of Demarcation (LOD): with this flexible barrier of closely connected WhisprWave modules, intruders cannot easily penetrate into the Homeland Port Security Zone.
    • Small Craft Intrusion Barrier (SCIB): is a solid barrier of WhisprWave modules designed both to demarcate the marine port security zone and significantly impede hostile small crafts from penetrating it.
    • Vessel Exclusion Barrier (VEB): an augmented version of the SCIB with additional WhisprWave modules, capable of completely stopping 30-foot vessels traveling at 35 knots and significantly impeding larger vessels.
    • Enhanced Vessel Exclusion Barrier (EVEB): an enhanced VEB with additional security devices including barbed wire and underwater nets.

Some images of Force Protection Marine Barrier Systems from WhisprWave are here.

floating_security_barrier_whisprwave_1 floating_security_barrier_whisprwave_2

Dunlop Anti-Terrorist Boat Barrier (DABB) from Midlantic Security.

Midlantic Security principles are applied in over 75% of the world’s boat barrier and floating barrier installations. The DABB is a rubber coated textile inflatable barrier. This barrier is 25 metres in length, 2.5 metres in diameter and weighs approximately 8400 kilograms.

Some images from Midlantic Security.

floating_security_barrier_midlantic_2 floating_security_barrier_midlantic_1

For more information log on to WhisprWave and Midlantic Security.

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