Pakistan to Conduct “Aman (Peace) 09″, Multinational Maritime Military Exercise

by OldSailor on February 27, 2009


Pakistan is preparing to conduct “Aman (Peace) 09″, multinational maritime military exercise in North Arabian Sea from March 05. The first exercise of Aman series was conducted in March 2007. Aman-07 was attended by 14 Ships from Bangladesh, China, France, Italy, Malaysia, UK and USA Navies. Also 21 countries attended the Exercise as observer. Aman_09

Some of the interesting features of Aman (Peace) 09 are:

  • to go on for 10 days.
  • slogan of the exercise is: Together for Peace
  • 52 countries have been invited to participate including U.S, Russia, U.K, China, France.
  • China’s destroyer “Guangzhou” (Hull Number 168) has left on February 21 from Sanya City of Hainan Province to participate in the exercise.

For more information on Aman (Peace) 09, log on to Pakistan Navy.

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Update: March 06

Chinese Navy destroyer “Guangzhou” arrived at Pakistani port Karachi on March 05 to participate in Aman 09. Before reaching Karachi, Chinese marine special forces carried out drills onboard. For photographs, log on to Xinhua News.

Update: March 09

About 20 warships from a total 12 countries are taking part in the exercise. View photographs covering the exercise from China Defense Mashup and Xinhua News.

Update: March 10

Participation by the U.S.Navy:

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), USS Lake Champlain (CG 57) of U.S. 5th Fleet and USCGC Boutwell (WHEC 719) are taking part in Aman 09. The exercise focuses on air, surface and maritime security training and includes representatives from 38 countries as well as ships from 11 nations to include the United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan and Australia. Read more from U.S. Navy.

Update: March 11

View more photographs of Aman 09, from China Defense Mashup.

Update: March 20

Participation by the Royal Navy:

The Type 23 frigate HMS Portland, minehunters HMS Atherstone,  HMS Grimsby and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Diligence took part in Aman 09, with Commander Tim Henry,  Commanding Officer of HMS Portland, leading the Royal Navy fleet.  Read more from MOD News, U.K.

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