Real Pirates on View at the Field Museum Chicago

by OldSailor on February 24, 2009


real_piratesYou can view real pirates at the Field Museum, Chicago. This is an opportunity to get the true tale of Real Pirates. This is a journey into the exciting world of real pirates to experience their fascinating, true adventures. Real Pirates tells the true story of the Whydah, a pirate ship that sunk off the coast of Cape Cod over 250 years ago.

Some of the interesting features of the exhibition are:

  • an exhibition from National Geographic
  • you can view more than 200 artifacts from the first fully authenticated pirate ship discovered in U.S. waters
    • everyday objects.
    • personal items.
    • treasure chests of jewelry, coins.
    • weaponry such as cannons, pistols, knives.
    • priceless treasures of gold and silver.
  • also you can
    • find out what it was like to be a true pirate.
    • the code of conduct they lived by and the surprisingly democratic, outlaw society they created.
    • even learn the steps pirates took to fire a real cannon.
    • step on board a re-creation of the ship’s stern, walk into the captain’s quarters, and go below deck to discover what life was like aboard a real pirate ship.
  • can be viewed from February 25 to October 25

For tickets and other information, log on to Real Pirates.

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