Visby Class Stealth Corvettes to Join Royal Swedish Navy by End 2009

by OldSailor on February 23, 2009


All navies are switching over to stealth technology to enhance their first strike capability in case of conflicts. The Royal Swedish Navy is getting ready to operate Visby class corvettes designed Royal_swedish_navywith stealth technology by the year end. The construction was started in 1996 by Swedish shipbuilder Kockums. Four corvettes are already with FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) for fitment of weapon systems and sea trials.

Some of the interesting features of Visby class stealth corvettes:

  • detection range of 13 km in rough seas and 22 km in calm seas without jamming.
  • detection range of 8 km in rough seas and 11 km in calm seas in jammed environment.
  • constructed with composite (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) non-magnetic hull that features large, flat surfaces and sharp edges to lower its radar cross section, hydro acoustic, magnetic, infra red, optical signatures.
  • use waterjets for propulsion
    • to operate in shallow waters.
    • to avoid detection by submarines.
    • to achieve higher speeds.
  • multi mission capability
    • mine clearance.
    • antisubmarine warfare (ASW).
    • surface combat.
    • marine surveillance.
    • protection of commercial shipping.
  • the ships are
    • Visby (K31) was launched in June 2000 and was delivered to FMV in June 2002 for fitment of weapon systems.
    • Helsingborg (K32) was launched in June 2003 and delivered in April 2006.
    • Harnosand (K33) was launched in December 2004 and delivered in June 2006.
    • Nykoping (K34) was launched in August 2005 and delivered in September 2006.
    • Karlstad (K35) was launched in August 2006.visby_class_equipment
  • specifications
    • length: 73 metres
    • beam: 10.4 metres
    • draft: 2.4 metres
    • displacement: 600 tons
    • crew: 43
    • speed: more than 35 knots
  • designed to operate light weight helicopter.

Here are the advantages of Stealth Ships over Conventional Ships

Parameter Conventional Ship Stealth Ship
Structure Steel/Aluminium Composite
Power Diesel/Gas turbines with funnel/stack Diesel with underwater exhaust
Propulsion Propellers & Rudders Waterjets
Detection: Radar 100 percent 30 percent
Detection: Infrared 100 percent 30 percent
Detection: Acoustic 100 percent 30 percent
Detection: Magnetic 100 percent 50 percent
Detection: Electric 100 percent 70 percent
Detection: Visual 100 percent 70 percent
Vulnerability: Fire 100 percent 100 percent
Vulnerability: Ballistic 100 percent 100 percent
Vulnerability: Blast 100 percent 70 percent
Vulnerability: UNDEX (Underwater Explosion) 100 percent 50 percent

Here are some photographs of Visby class stealth Corvette from the shipbuilders Kockums AB, Sweden.



View some interesting video clips of Visby class stealth Corvette:

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