French Navy Training Ships on Goodwill Visit to Kochi

by OldSailor on February 2, 2009


Two French Navy Ships are presently on five days goodwill visit to Kochi, India from January 28. The ships are from the French Training Squadron for Navy Officers. The ships are expected to leave on February 02.

Some of the interesting features of the goodwill visit and specifications of the ships are:

  • The visiting ships: Helicopter Carrier “Jeanne d’Arc” and Anti Submarine Warfare Destroyer “Georges Leygues”.
  • On January 27, joint exercises were carried out with INS Trishul of the Indian Navy.
  • Helicopter Carrier “Jeanne d’Arc”French_navy_ship_Jeanne d’Arc
    • commanded by Captain Herve Blejean
    • can embark around ten heavy or light helicopters and three helicopters can be operated simultaneously
    • commissioned in 1964
    • displacement: 13,000 tons
    • length: 182 metres
    • beam: 24 metres
    • power: 40,000 horse power
    • speed: 28 knots
    • has six MM38 Exocet missiles and two 100 mm guns

  • Anti Submarine Warfare Destroyer “Georges Leygues”
    • commanded by Commander Thierry Catard
    • has accommodation for 36 cadets including a lecture room, a study room and a computer room
    • commissioned in 1979French_navy_ship_Georges Leygues
    • displacement: 4,500 tons
    • length: 139 metres
    • beam: 14 metres
    • power: 52,000 horse power
    • speed: 30 knots
  • Visiting cadets 118 including 13 female cadets
    • 89 ensigns from the Naval Academy
    • 10 supply officers from the Naval Supply Corps Academy
    • 2 from Maritime Affairs School / Medical Corps Academy
    • 17 foreign cadets from 13 countries
  • The cadets visited the carrier building facility at Kochi and did some sightseeing.
  • Both the ships had last visited Kochi from 12 to 17 January, 2007.

Media briefing on the goodwill visit was done onboard “Jeanne d’Arc “ on January 28 in the presence of Mr Jerome Bonnafont, Ambassador of France to India.

Read more regarding the goodwill visit from The Hindu and France in India.

View an interesting video clip of the visit from Videos From India.

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