Weekend View: Somali Pirate Attack Summary Map for 2008 by UNOSAT

by OldSailor on January 18, 2009


UNOSAT UNOSAT has released the map of ‘Reported Incidents of Somali Pirate Attacks and Hijackings in the Gulf of Aden for 2008′. All piracy incident data for the map were obtained from open sources.

Here is the summary of pirate attacks off Somalia coast for the year 2008.Somali_pirate_attack_2008_piechart

  • Total number of reported incidents off Somali coast – 180
  • Total reported pirate attacks off Somali coast – 115
    • Successful hijackings – 46
    • Attempted but failed hijackings – 69
  • Suspicious approach incidents which did not result in an actual pirate attack – 65
  • Attack Success Rate
    • January to July : 42%
    • August: 70%
    • September: 45% (chart shows as 48%)
    • October: 28%
    • November: 41% (chart shows as 42%)
    • December: 25%
  • Overall hijacking Success Rate: 40%

Graphical presentation showing Attempted Hijackings, Hijackings and Success Rate.


To view more details, download the UNOSAT map as pdf.

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