Best Job in the World: Island Caretaker for the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

by OldSailor on January 17, 2009


best_job_world Are you looking for the Best Job in the World ?

Here it is. The State Government and Tourism Queensland are searching worldwide suitable candidates for the ‘Best Job in the World’ – a $150,000 six month contract based on the Great Barrier Reef island, Queensland, Australia.

Some of the interesting features of the ‘Best Job in the World’ are:

  • The position commences July 01, 2009 and the contract finishes on January 01, 2010. hamilton_island
  • Responsibilities:
    • Explore the islands and report back
    • Feed the fish
    • Clean the pool
    • Collect the mail
  • Office and Accommodation: at Blue Pearl, a beautiful three-bedroom home on Hamilton Island featuring stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands, modern facilities and exquisite furnishings.
  • Key dates:
    • Applications close February 22, 2009
    • Voting on 50 short-listed candidates from March 02 to March 24, 2009
    • 11 short-listed candidates announced April 02, 2009
    • Interviews take place in Queensland from May 03, 2009
    • New employee announced May 06, 2009
    • Island Caretaker starts work on July 01, 2009

Here is the Great Barrier Reef Fact Sheet as pdf. Here is the Interactive Queensland Map.tourism_queensland

If you need any more clarifications, read answers to FAQ.

Here is an interesting video clip on interviews of people working on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

If you want to apply for the job, log on to Island Reef Job.

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Update: March 04

Two Indians Kim Jagtiani of Mumbai and Anjaan RJ of Bangalore, are among the 50 persons of different nationalities, short listed by the Australian government from more than 34,000 applicants. View all the short listed applicants from The Best Job in the World.

Update: May 04

The final sixteen candidates arrived in Hamilton Island on May 03 for the best job in the world as a caretaker for the tropical paradise in Queensland, Australia. View an interesting video clip: Final 16 for Best Job in World arrive on Hamilton Island.

Update: May 07

Ben Southall, from U.K is the lucky winner of the best job in the world.

View interesting video clips:

Update: July 02

From July 01, Ben Southall has started “the best job in the world” – a six-month contract as caretaker of a tropical island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. View video clip from ITN News: Brit starts ‘world’s best job’

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