Ocean Medical International Provides Medical Kit Instructions in E-Cell USB Device

by OldSailor on January 15, 2009


When a seafarer falls sick at sea or when there is medical emergency, timely medical treatment is necessary. On many occasions medevac (medical evacuation) is unavoidable. Till medevac takes place, correct medical diagnosis has to be done and right treatment has to be provided to the patient. This requires medical_treatment_sea

  • Assessment of the medical emergency by interacting with the patient and Stabilization of the patient.
  • Where necessary, online medical advice has to be taken from ashore for the right diagnosis, treatment.
  • Necessary medical supplies have to be maintained onboard.
  • Again where necessary, after medical advice has to be taken from ashore.

All the above activities have to go on, in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, the Ocean Medical International (OMI) provides Medical Kits and Medical Training for ship’s crew.

OMI medical system comes with

  • OMI Assessment and Stabilization Guide.
  • Necessary medical supplies depending on the type of vessel.

OMI Medical database is now available on E-cell USB storage device instead of the CD-ROM medical database. The USB device has several additional features. ecell_usb

  • In addition to OMI medical kit database, there is a 6-person field medical info section whereby each individual crew member’s medical history and info can be added; Items such as, emergency contact info, blood type, allergies, & medical history etc.
  • The device is compact and waterproof with an o-ring seal cap.
  • There is an option to store vital documents info, such as passport, drivers licence & credit card details etc, in password secure section. The medical database info remains the same.

The E- Cell demo is available here as pdf version.

For more details, log on to Ocean Medical International.

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