Somali Piracy: Sky is Not the Limit for Ransom Payment

by OldSailor on January 10, 2009


Very Large Crude Carrier Sirius Star was released on January 09 by Somali pirates, after receiving $3 million ransom payment. You may wonder how the ransom payment was handed over to Somali pirates.

U.S.Navy tells us

A parachute dropped by a small aircraft is observed by the U.S. Navy as it drops over the MV Sirius Star during an apparent payment via a parachuted container to pirates holding the Sirius Star. The U.S. 5th Fleet conducts maritime security operations to promote stability and regional economic prosperity. U.S. Navy photo by Air Crewman 2nd Class David B. Hudson (Released).

Photograph modified to highlight the parachuted container mv_sirius_star_ransom_payment Original photograph is from U.S.Navy.

More about VLCC Sirius Star hijacking is here.

Regarding $3 million ransom payment, read more from Guardian.

Post in MarineBuzz on this day a year before:

MS Beluga Skysails of WINTECC Project to Achieve Another Milestone

Update: January 1o

It is reported that while returning to shore, five Somali pirates with ransom collected have drowned. It seems what has come from the sky has gone into the sea. Read more from Sky News.

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