MV Jumbo Javelin: Unique Vessel in Real and Virtual Version

by OldSailor on January 9, 2009


jumbo_shippingMV Jumbo Javelin is a unique vessel existing in real and virtual version. While the real ship is owned by Jumbo Shipping-a heavy lift shipping company, the virtual ship is at Ship Simulator 2008.

Some of the interesting features of MV Jumbo Javelin are:

  • A heavy lift transportation and installation vessel
  • Has lifting capacity of 1800 tonsjumbo_class_j1800
  • Installation capacity at water depths up to 2500 metres
  • Capability to sail with open hatches
  • Deadweight: 13278 tons
  • Hold capacity bale: 19800 cubic metres
  • Free deckspace: 3100 square metres
  • Cranes: 2 x 900 tons SWL / In combination 1800 tons
  • Speed: up to 18 knots

Here is MV Jumbo Javelin, real ship’s photograph from Jumbo Shipping:


You can compare the above real photograph with virtual image below.


Video clips of MV Jumbo Javelin from Ship Simulator are here: Clip1, Clip2

More details of real MV Jumbo Javelin are at Jumbo Shipping as pdf document.

Free download of virtual MV Jumbo Javelin is available from Ship Simulator.

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