Malaysian Navy Ship KD Sri Inderasakti Saves Indian Tanker from Somali Pirates

by OldSailor on January 2, 2009


Fast response by Malaysian Navy Ship KD Sri Inderasakti to dispatch an armed helicopter has saved an Indian tanker from Somali pirates on January 01.

Some of the interesting features of the operation are:kd_inderasakti

  • A mid sized 92,687 ton Indian tanker carrying full load of oil, heading towards Suez Canal was attacked by seven heavily armed pirates in the Gulf of Aden region, off Somalia around 0900 local time.
  • The pirates dressed in military uniforms were on two speed boats and opened fire with machine guns on tanker’s bridge and accommodation.
  • The tanker’s captain took evasive measures to save the vessel and also sent out the distress call on channel 16 of the communication network.
  • On receiving the call, the Malaysian Navy Ship KD Sri Inderasakti (above picture) which was only 15 nautical miles away, immediately responded by dispatching an armed helicopter to the area.
  • The armed helicopter reached the area in a few minutes and on seeing the helicopter the pirates sped away.
  • The helicopter also did not fire on the pirates. No one was injured in the whole operation.

It may be recalled that on December 17, 2008 KD Sri Inderasakti by sending a helicopter, also saved Chinese ship Zhenhua 4 from Somali pirates.

Here is an interesting video clip on Sea Skua firing by Royal Malaysian Navy.

Read more from The Hindustan Times.

Post in MarineBuzz on this day a year before:

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Update: January 03

The vessel saved from pirates is crude oil tanker MT Abdul Kalam Azad owned by Shipping Corporation of India. Read more from The Star.

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