Weekend Download: Free Online German Navy Calendars 2009

by OldSailor on December 28, 2008


Three amazing German Navy Calendars for 2009 are available for free download. As the website is in German language, I have translated through Google Translate. Only cover photos of the calendars are shown below. Calendar for each month is available for download.

Calendar-Men 2009:

Images of soldiers in action – on land, sea and air. The images provide a glimpse into the varied activities of the naval forces.

January: Two soldiers in a canoeGerman_Navy_Calendar_Man 2009

February: Ambulance soldiers lined

March: Combat soldiers in action

April: Maintenance of the ship’s machinery

May: A boarding soldier

June: Two German Navy divers

July: Marching of Soldiers

August: Soldiers at sunset

September: An officer candidate during training

October: Ready to throw a mine

November: Helicopter training by staff

December: Soldiers of the curfew watch battalions

Calendar-Aircrafts 2009:

The aircrafts of the German Navy are characterized by advanced technology.

January: View from the cockpit of a Sea KingGerman_Navy_Calendar_Aircraft2009

February: P-3C ORION

March: A boarding team winched from a SEA LYNX helicopter

April: P-3C ORION at sunset

May: A soldier being winched off

June: A SEA KING MK 41 with a special coating

July: A SEA LYNX MK 88A firing

August: Dornier Do 228 LM

September: The cockpit of a P-3C ORION

October: A SEA KING MK 41 in the terrain

November: The stern of a Dassault-Breguet Atlantic BR 1150

December: A SEA LYNX MK 88A at dusk

Calendar-Ships 2009:

Impressive versatile range of German Navy ships are available.

January: One of corvette-class BRUNSWICKGerman_Navy_Calendar_Ships2009

February: The submarine U 34

March: An on-board gun

April: Replenishment At Sea maneuvers

May: The frigate HAMBURG

June: Mine hunting boats

July: Supply ship BERLIN

August: The Wheel of GORCH FOCK, sail training ship

September: Two frigates, in the twilight

October: A speedboat of GEPARD class at full speed

November: Sunset on board

December: The sail training ship GORCH FOCK between icebergs

Download Calendars 2009 here: Men, Aircrafts, Ships

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