Worlds Biggest Floating Christmas Tree is in Brazil

by OldSailor on December 3, 2008


Floating_ Christmas_ Tree

World’s biggest floating Christmas tree is in in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Some of the interesting features of this floating Christmas tree are:

  • located in the lake Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio de Janeiro.
  • brought by Brazil’s Bradesco Bank for the thirteenth year in a row.
  • was inaugurated on November 29.
  • this year the theme of the tree is ” A melody of peace for the Brazilian family “
  • the height of the tree is 85 metres.
  • 52 kilo metres of lighted strands are used to evoke the Christmas theme.
  • 1,600 flashing lights are used as twinkling stars.
  • for the past three years, the Bradesco Christmas tree uses computer controlled generators fueled by bio diesel to reduce carbon emissions.
  • emissions of carbon gas into the atmosphere produced by the assembly, display and dismantling of the tree, will be neutralized by planting of trees off the Brazilian coast.

Amazing video clips of Bradesco Christmas tree are here. Clip1, Clip2

More interesting photographs of the lake Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and the Bradesco Christmas tree are in Flickr.

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Christmas at Sea Program by Seamen’s Church Institute

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