Mumbai Terrorists were Trained to Become Mariners to Use Sea Route

by OldSailor on December 1, 2008



I was wondering how terrorists became mariners, to use sea route to attack Mumbai on November 26. Now the doubts are clear. Media reports have brought out some more shocking information on use of sea route by terrorists .

If a terrorist opts for a sea route, definitely he needs some knowledge about the marine environment. This knowledge can come only through suitable training.

Now, Express India has reported that the terrorists were trained in marine commando techniques in Mangla Dam (click  the map on the right) a reservoir in Pakistan.

IntelliBrief blog gives some clues about the type of training generally provided to the terrorists to make them mariners. Surprisingly, this information was known to the security agencies in December 2006 itself. This validates The Hindu report that terrorists carried out a dry run to reach Mumbai through sea route in March 2007.

The marine training is generally provided in three phases to terrorists:

  • typically of 12 to 18 months to cover three phases (in my view this period is more than adequate).
  • first phase: swimming lessons are given. This takes considerable time as learning swimming as an adult takes more time.
  • second phase: involves boat handling, laying of mines in coastal area, planting explosives through underwater in bridges, dams, ships.
  • third phase: involves training in use of navigational aids, rescue operations, underwater surveillance, carrying out attacks in coastal targets and vessels.

Here is a video clip on use of sea route to reach Mumbai by terrorists.

Post in MarineBuzz on this day a year before:

Mayport Naval Station Becomes the First Tsunami Ready Navy Base

Update: December 05

Mumbai terrorist reveals that he was taught how to use GPS systems and marine compasses.

Here is the photograph of the speedboat used by the Mumbai terrorists during the last phase of the voyage to reach Mumbai coast.


Read more from Hindustan Times.

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