Danish Cargo Ship Groundings from 2000 to mid 2008: Safety Study by DMA

by OldSailor on November 25, 2008



Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) has recently investigated and released a report on ” Danish Cargo Ships Groundings 2000 to 2008 “. The purpose of the investigations is only to bring out the sequence of events leading to the groundings so that seafarers can prevent similar incidents in future.

Some of the interesting features of the report are:

  • the study covers Cargo ships of above 300 GT for the period: January 01, 2000 to June 30, 2008.
  • incidents of ships hitting piers, light houses, bridges are not included in the study.
  • study includes cargo ships of Denmark and Greenland.


  • during the period of study, 45 incidents of groundings were registered.
    • 28 groundings were related to navigation
    • 7 groundings were related to maneuvering
    • 7 groundings were related to technical failures like steering gear failure, main engine failure
    • 3 groundings were related to other reasons
  • summary
    • average of 5 groundings per year
    • most of the groundings were of ships involving less than 3000 GT
    • 1/3 rd of groundings were when the pilot was on the bridge
    • most of the groundings occurred under conditions with good visibility and fair wind
    • 2/3 rd of groundings occurred in narrow shipping lanes such as channels or canals
    • about 1/4 th of groundings occurred during 2000 hours to 2200 hours
    • no one was injured during the groundings
    • in one of the groundings, 200-300 litres of diesel was spilled

Though the report in Danish language was released on September 23, 2008, English version was released in this month only. Read the full report in English as pdf from Danish Maritime Authority.

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