Burial at Sea: A Greener Option in UK

by OldSailor on November 16, 2008



Burial at Sea is becoming more popular in UK and more people are now considering it as a greener option. In olden days burial at sea was followed to dispose off deceased sailors at sea, as ships were used to be far away from their home ports for months together. In those days there were no communication facilities and there were no aircrafts to meet any emergencies at sea.

Also during war, deceased sailors in warships were buried at sea before returning to ports. Due to lack of facilities in warships, the body was sewn into a sailcloth with weights and then disposed off at sea.

In UK, Britannia Shipping Company (sea burials) undertakes this service. The only two places in British coast where burials at sea allowed are:

  • off the coast of the Isle of Wight
  • off the coast of Newhaven in East Sussex

The cost of burial at sea is around £4,000 almost double the price charged by undertakers for a coffin and cremation.

For more information on Burial at Sea in UK, log on to Times Online.

Here is a photograph of Burial at Sea:

The casket bearing the body of US Navy Sailor during a Burial at Sea ceremony.


For detailed information on ceremonial procedure of Burial at Sea, log on to Naval Historical Center of U.S Navy.

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