Commandos of HMS Cumberland Take on Somali Pirates

by OldSailor on November 13, 2008


hms_cumberland2 November 11 turns out to be very bad for Somali pirates. Commandos of INS Tabar scared the Somali pirates on November 11 and prevented hijacking of Indian vessel MV Jag Arnav and Saudi vessel MV Thihama.

Same day, commandos of HMS Cumberland on piracy patrol in their sea boats surrounded the pirates of a the Yemeni flagged dhow who were involved in an attack on Danish registered vessel ‘MV Powerful’. The commandos used various non forcible methods to stop the dhow, but the pirates opened fire on the commandos.

In self defence commandos armed with machine guns and SA80 rifles returned the fire and then boarded the dhow. On boarding the dhow, it was found that two pirates, had been shot and killed. A Yemeni national was also found injured and later died, despite receiving emergency treatment from the ship’s doctor.

Read more about type 22 frigate, HMS Cumberland (F85) from Royal Navy.hms_cumberland1

View type 22 frigate gun fire here. Also view video clips of HMS Cumberland on family day. Part 1 and Part 2.

Read more about the Somali operation and view photographs from Royal Navy and Times Online.

The photograph of HMS Cumberland is from Royal Navy.

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Update: November 19

Eight suspected pirates apprehended by crew members from Royal Navy frigate HMS Cumberland off Africa’s east coast on November 11, were handed over to the custody of the Kenyan Police on November 18, 2008.

Here is a photograph from the Royal Navy:  Yemeni-flagged dhow with suspected pirates embarked.


The suspected Somali pirates transferred from HMS Cumberland, were handed over by RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) Wave Knight after docking in Mombasa to seek prosecution through the Kenyan courts. Read more from the Royal Navy.

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