Greenpeace Protests Forest Crime at Dumai Port

by OldSailor on November 11, 2008



Forests in the the Indonesian province of Riau, on the island of Sumatra are being destroyed for oil palm cultivation. Palm oil produced is exported to western countries through ships. A study released in February 2008, estimated that deforestation of 4.2 million hectares of tropical forest and peat swamp in Riau over the past 25 years has generated 3.7 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Greenpeace has protested this exploitation of forests in a unique way. The large tanker ‘Gran Couva’ carrying 27,000 metric tonnes of palm oil from Dumai Port of Indonesia to Rotterdam was painted ‘Forest Crime’ and ‘Climate Crime’ in bright yellow paint (as seen in the picture below). To minimize hardship to ships crew, Greenpeace used water based paint to display their protests.


Image credit:Greenpeace

Read rest of the story at Greenpeace-Making Waves.

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Update: November 12

Greenpeace also demonstrated how a ships movement could be stopped by one single person and the police finally intervened to sail the ship out of harbour.

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