Smart Globe: World’s First Internet Updateable Globe

by OldSailor on November 2, 2008


Smart Globe from Oregon Scientific is the world’s first internet updateable globe. smart_globe

Some of the interesting features of Smart Globe are:

  • interactive lessons: 30 in English and 6 in Spanish are available.
  • test your general knowledge with quiz games on: countries, capitals, major cities, populations, languages, currencies, time, distances, history, science and current events.
  • Includes national flags of all countries with corresponding national anthems.
  • speakers are located in the pen and base
  • you can also use your headphones.
  • the Smart Pen can be programmed for three different age groups of 5-8, 9-14 and 15 years and older.
  • portable and you can take the Globe anywhere.
  • includes Oregon Scientific SmartUpdate content allowing you to connect to the Internet for weekly updates.

The only limitation is that Smart Globe is not currently Mac-compatible.

Here is an interesting video clip on Smart Globe.

For more details on Smart Globe, log on to Oregon Scientific.

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