Germany Commissions First Offshore Wind Farm

by OldSailor on October 29, 2008


Awareness about global warming is increasing. Also as fossil fuels are depleting, all countries are switching over to renewable energy sources, specially offshore wind farms. Interestingly Germany wants to phase out nuclear power plants by the year 2020. In Germany the share of renewable energy was 14 percent in 2007 and is expected to increase to 30 percent by 2020. offshore_windfarm

To augment the share of renewable energy, Germany has commissioned its first offshore wind farm on October 28.

Some of the interesting features of Germany’s first offshore wind farm are:

  • The pilot site at Hooksiel will generate five megawatts of electricity and feed into the gas and electrical station in the coastal city of Wilhelmshaven, enough to serve 5,000 households.
  • The pilot wind farm is installed near the Hooksiel outer harbour where water depth is between 2 to 8 metres depending on the tide.
  • The wind turbine is 90 metres above water level and the rotor diameter is 122 metres.
  • 80 such offshore wind turbines are expected to come up, 100 kilometres off the coast of the North Sea island of Borkum and the construction is expected to begin early next year.
  • The offshore wind farm of 400 MW, named as ‘BARD Offshore 1’ will be installed by BARD Engineering GmbH.
  • BARD has already ordered a special purpose vessel for the maintenance and provisioning of the offshore wind farms even in rough sea conditions.

Germany is preparing to provide minimum 15 percent of households with electricity produced from offshore wind farms by 2030.

For more details on ‘BARD Offshore 1’, log on to Bard-Offshore.

For more details on commissioning offshore wind farm, log on to France24.

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