Weekend Report: Avoid Injury at Work Place

by OldSailor on October 25, 2008



On August 28, an Ordinary Seaman (OS) of Danish registered ‘Ann Rousing’ general cargo vessel severely injured his right hand, while preparing to go to sea. The accident happened while closing the hydraulically operated hatch covers of cargo hold. On hearing about the accident, the Master of the vessel immediately called an ambulance and the Chief Officer accompanied the injured OS to hospital. It was found that the OS suffered an open fracture and was back home after six days in hospital.

The Division for Investigation of Maritime Accidents of Danish Maritime Authority has come out with an occupational accident report.

As per the report

  • the injured OS had placed his right hand on the hatch coaming for support while standing on one foot, to operate the lever with the other foot.
  • the position of the lever operating the hatch was inappropriate, because it allowed the operator to put a hand on the hatch coaming while closing the hatch.
  • written work place instruction was not followed. According to the instruction, a crew member should have been standing by at the emergency stop while operating hatch cover.
  • there was not sufficient control to ensure that written work place instruction was followed.

The Division for Investigation of Maritime Accidents has recommended ann_rousing2

  • to reposition the levers operating the hatches to ensure that it is not possible to put a hand on the hatch coaming while operating the hatch covers.
  • to revise check list ‘Task Introduction – Deck Crew’ by adding an item ‘working environment – work place instructions’ to ensure that new crew members are introduced to this system and its use.

Read the full report and view more photographs from Danish Maritime Authority as pdf document here.

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