Sri Lanka Navy Foils Sea Borne Terrorist Attacks on Merchant Ships

by OldSailor on October 22, 2008



Sri Lanka Navy successfully foiled a LTTE suicide attack on two merchant ships carrying humanitarian assistance to the Northern Sri Lanka. This happened in the Northern seas of Sri Lanka at 0510 hours local time on October 22.
This sea borne terrorism of LTTE, to attack on merchant ships exclusively chartered for humanitarian purposes deserves to be condemned by seafaring community.

Some of the interesting features of the Sri Lanka Navy’s operation are:

  • ‘MV Nimalawa’ and ‘MV Ruhunu’ were carrying essential supplies to the Tamil civilians caught in the battle affected northern part of  Sri Lanka.
  • Three LTTE suicide boats attempted to ram on the merchant ships to sink the ships. The aim was to disrupt essential supplies to the Tamil civilians caught in the battle.
  • The alert Sri Lanka Navy sailors, providing security onboard, targeted the suicide boats with machine gun fire and destroyed two of the boats before ramming on the ships.
  • Out of the two boats destroyed, one exploded in close proximity to ‘MV Nimalawa’ causing a considerable damage to the ship’s hull.
  • Third suicide boat was captured by the Sri Lanka Navy patrol craft in the area.
  • The Navy suffered no casualties during the incident.

Here are some photographs of the Sri Lanka Navy’s operation:

mv_nimalawa mv_nimalawa1

suicide_boat1 suicide_boat

Here is an interesting video clip of Sri Lanka Navy’s silent battle against sea borne terrorism.

All the above photographs are from Sri Lanka Navy and for more details, log on to Sri Lanka Navy and MOD News.

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Update: October 23

The Jaffna community alongwith business, administration and sections of educational institutions, on Thursday (Oct 23) have organized a hartal to protest against the cowardly LTTE suicide attack at two vessels with essential food supplies to the peninsula yesterday. Read more from MOD News.

Update: October 24

Here are some pictures appearing in TamilNet of the above news report. You can appreciate how the pictures have been modified with photoshop to suit their requirement.

mv_ruhunu_true mv_ruhunu_false

mv_niwalaha_true mv_niwalaha_false

Update: October 27

Commander of the Navy,  Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda during his visit to the Northern Naval Area on October 24, inspected the cargo unloading process of MV Nimalawa and MV Ruhunu and ascertained the harbour operations in the North after the successful repulsion of the attempted LTTE suicide attacks on two merchant vessels carrying essential cargo to Jaffna Peninsula. Read more from Daily Mirror.

Update: November 01

On November 01, around 0545 hours, Sri Lanka Navy destroyed 4 sea borne terror crafts off Nagar-Kovil in the northern sea of Sri Lanka.


Read more from MOD News and Sri Lanka Navy.

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