Biggest Solar Powered Boat: PlanetSolar to Circumnavigate in 2010

by OldSailor on October 21, 2008



PlanetSolar, the fully solar powered biggest boat is getting ready for circumnavigation of the globe in 2010. The Swiss based PlanetSolar is being designed and developed by an international team of physicists, engineers, boat builders and other people related to renewable energies and environmental protection by considering various parameters like: propulsion, solar panel design, energy storage, materials, boat’s hydro and aerodynamics and the external environment.

Some of the interesting features of PlanetSolar are:

  • 30 metres long catamaran with revolutionary hull design.
  • uses 470 square metres of photovoltaic solar panels.
  • being constructed by Knierim Yacht Club, in Kiel, Germany.
  • can accommodate up to fifty people during the promotional trips planned at each port of call.
  • to create awareness about PlanetSolar project, the first solar powered navigation of the globe will be preceded by a ‘PlanetSolar Village’ touring exhibition. PlanetSolar Village exhibition
    • will travel ahead of PlanetSolar’s all ports of call.
    • will conduct educational programs and conferences to promote solar energy and sustainable development.
    • is scheduled to be inaugurated at Yverdon-les-Bains in Spring 2009.
    • entry will be free to public.
  • the circumnavigation will be East to West along an equatorial route where the maximum amount of sunlight is available.
  • more technical data of the boat are at PlanetSolar.

Here is the proposed route map of circumnavigation:

  • voyage to cover a distance of more than 40,000 km.  planet_solar2
  • to complete in 120 days.
  • to maintain an average speed of 10 knots.
  • to have two man crew: Raphaël Domjan, founder and skipper; Gérard d’Aboville, co-skipper and famous French sailor
  • to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the Panama Canal, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and finally the Suez Canal, to return to the Mediterranean.
  • to stop in cities like Monaco, Paris, Marseille, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hambourg, New-York and San Francisco.

Above photograph and route map are from PlanetSolar and for further details, log on to PlanetSolar.

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