MV Beluga Gravitation Transports Vessel Hulls in Multi Layers

by OldSailor on October 13, 2008


MV Beluga Gravitation of Beluga Group shows innovative way of transporting vessel hulls. beluga_gravitation

Some of the interesting features of transportation are:

  • In the month of August 2008, she sailed from Nantong, China to Rotterdam with three vessel hulls in multi layers.
  • A 110 metres vessel hull was placed on top of 135 metres vessel hull. A third hull of 86 metres was placed alongside the other two hulls.
  • Safe navigation was provided by an additional radar on the bow as the cargo units were 14 metres high.
  • She entered the port of Rotterdam as per schedule on September 03, 2008.
  • As planned, all the three over dimensional hulls were unloaded without damages.
  • This innovative method of transportation came from the experts of the Beluga Transport Engineering:
    • they are nautical specialists, engineers and shipbuilders
    • they apply their entire know-how to guarantee professional and proper stowage of large and heavy-lift cargo on board
    • they ensure safe transportation of highly sensitive goods
  • More information on MV “Beluga Gravitation and the G-Series” is available here.

The above photograph is from Beluga Group and read more about this transportation from Beluga Group News.

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