Weekend Rescue: Largest Ever Rescue of Stranded Penguins Carried Out in Brazil

by OldSailor on October 11, 2008



Here is a story this weekend about the largest ever rescue of stranded penguins carried out in Brazil. Around 400 Magellanic penguins mysteriously stranded on the warm beaches of Salvador in northern Brazil were airlifted on a C-130 Hercules military aircraft to Pelotas, in southern Brazil and were safely released in Cassino beach.

Here are some interesting features of the dramatic rescue and release operation:

  • C-130 Hercules military aircraft with rescued Magellanic penguins departed from Salvador in the northeastern state of Bahía on October 03 and flew 2,500 kilometres to reach Pelotas, in southern Brazil.
  • The penguins spent a night at the Center for Recovery of Marine Animals (CRAM).Magellanic_ penguins
  • On October 04, the penguins were released safely with a smaller group of adult penguins that had been rehabilitated from marine oil pollution.
  • The exact number of penguins rescued are reported as 373.
  • The rehabilitated penguins carry bands on their flippers for study by the scientists to determine the success of rehabilitation and to learn about their migratory habits.

The rescue and release operation was carried out by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Instituto Mamíferos Aquáticos (IMA).

Here is the video clip of the release of Magellanic penguins. Read more about the largest ever rescue of stranded penguins in Brazil from IFAW.

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