Naval Symposium on Information Systems (NAVSIS) by Indian Navy and Confederation of Indian Industry

by OldSailor on October 7, 2008



India is emerging as a world leader in Information Technology (IT). Indian Navy plans to meet its Information Technology needs with a good mix of security policy and the latest technology from Indian IT industry. To achieve this, “Naval Symposium on Information Systems (NAVSIS)” has commenced on October 06 by Indian Navy and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at New Delhi.

The proceedings of the symposium spread over two days addresses on following wide issues:

  • Next Generation Networkscii
  • Enterprise Information Security Management
  • Encryption / PKI and Steganography – Art of hiding Information
  • Network Centric Operations
  • Public Domain for private use
  • Green Computing
  • Open Source Systems and SaS
  • ERP – The way Ahead
  • Trends in IT Training & E-learning
  • Identity Management, Access Control and Surveillance

Inaugurating NAVSIS-08, the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Sureesh Mehta called upon the Indian private industry to join hands with the armed forces on a formal platform in the Information Technology sector, which is increasingly relegating other conventional forms of warfare to the sidelines. He also released a Technical Journal and inaugurated an exhibition on Information Systems on the occasion.

Read more from Indian Navy on the need for NAVSIS-08. Also read NAVSIS-08, inaugural press release from Confederation of Indian Industry.

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