DP 2008: Dynamic Positioning Conference Going On

by OldSailor on October 7, 2008



Are you an expert in Dynamic Positioning (DP) ? Quickly you can undertake this online test here having 69 questions. If you pass this test, definitely you must attend this Marine Technology Society’s 12th Dynamic Positioning Conference DP 2008 presently going on. DP Conference 2007 of last year was attended by more than 200 International DP Professionals. Also, 22 suppliers exhibited their products last year.

Some of the interesting features of DP Conference 2008 are:

  • to be held on October 07 and 08.
  • to be held at Westchase Hilton, Houston, Texas.
  • the conference covers a broad range of DP issues, incidents and topics, providing the most recent and comprehensive single source of DP information and DP industry technical papers available anywhere worldwide.

Proposed topics and sessions during DP Conference 2008 are:

  • Thrustersdp_conference2
  • Sensors
  • DP Design and Control
  • Power Plant Management
  • Risk
  • Environment
  • Training Methods
  • Operations and Procedures
  • Simultaneous Operations

To know more about Dynamic Positioning Conference DP 2008, log on to Dynamic-Positioning.

Read more about Dynamic Positioning from Wikipedia.  Also here is a 10 minutes video clip on Dynamic Positioning.

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