Worlds Largest Airship Zeppelin NT Sails in Combi Dock I to U.S.

by OldSailor on September 29, 2008



World’s largest airship Zeppelin NT, built in Germany is being transported to US. Being rigid in structure, the 75 metres long, 19.5 metres wide, 17.4 metres in height airship is being transported in its full length through Combi Dock I (Semi submersible) of Combi-Lift Shipping. Only the two engines mounted on the side and the tail unit of the airship were dismantled for shipping. The ships data of Combi Dock I is at Combi – Lift as pdf document. Also a video clip of Combi Dock II is here. More shipping details of Zeppelin NT are at Airship ventures blog.


Zeppelin NT bound for US, is the fourth airship in series production. Other Zeppelin NT airships are positioned in Germany and Japan. Zeppelin NT airship will be operated by Airship Ventures at San Francisco for daily sight seeing flights, advertising operations, corporate and event occasions and scientific missions from November. Facts and Figures about Zeppelin NT is at Airship Ventures. More photographs of Zeppelin NT are hereHere you can view landing of Zeppelin NT in a video clip. At any time you can view Zeppelin NT through webcam from the manufacturer zeppelinflug.

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