Weekend Flight: Fusion Man Yves Rossy Crosses English Channel with Jet Propelled Wing

by OldSailor on September 27, 2008



Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy known as Fusion Man, has flew across the English Channel successfully on September 26 with his self made jet propelled wing.

Some of the interesting features of the weekend flight are:

  • 49 year old Yves Rossy is a former military pilot.
  • he crossed the 35.4 kilometre wide English Channel in less than 10 minutes, from Calais, France to Dover, UK.
  • he had to commence his flight at 2,500 metres altitude by jumping from an aircraft to fire his jet propelled wing.
  • as the jet propelled wing had no rudder or tail fin, he had to steer using his head and back.
  • on reaching Dover, he made a soft landing by opening his parachute.
  • the jet propelled wing
    • spans 2.4 metres
    • is made of lightweight carbon composite
    • weighs about 55 kilograms including fuel
    • has four kerosene burning jet turbines
  • he wore a heat resistant suit to protect him from the heat of the jet propelled wing.
  • Yves Rossy has now set a record to be the first person to fly solo across the English Channel using a single jet-propelled wing.

You can view 10 amazing photographs of Yves Rossy crossing the English Channel from Spiegel online photo gallery.

Here is a video clip of Yves Rossy crossing the English Channel.

Read more and also watch an interesting video clip from BBC News.

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