Follow the French: Hostages Freed from Somali Pirates

by OldSailor on September 16, 2008


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Somali Pirates captured a 16-metre Venezuelan-registered French sailing boat Carre d’as in the Gulf of Aden on September 02 and took it to Bargal village, in Somalia’s northern Puntland region.

Jean-Yves Delanne and his wife Bernardette Delanne (couple in the above photo) who were sailing from Australia to the French Atlantic port of La Rochelle were taken as hostages by the pirates. Media reported that the pirates demanded one million euros (£0.7m) to release the French couple and the return of the six Somali pirates taken as prisoners by the French authorities in the Le Ponant incident.

The world was eagerly watching how the French Government is going to react this time ?

Without any confusion, once again the French Government has shown how to deal with Somali pirates. About thirty French commandos operating from French stealth frigate Courbet stormed the captured yacht at night on September 15 and freed the couple without any harm to therm. During the storming operation carried out with an element of surprise, one pirate was killed and six pirates were taken as prisoners. The whole operation lasted for ten minutes.

Well done France! The community of seafarers praise you for your determination to deal with the pirates and your firm action.

At the same time, it is not clear why other countries hesitate to follow the French, to release as many as 100 seafarers held as hostages and about nine ships seized by Somali pirates.

Here is a video clip on Somali pirates from NTDTV.

Read more about the French commando operation and view a video clip from France 24 and Times Online.

Update: November 21

Al Jazeera’s Estelle Youssouffa, reporting from French stealth frigate Courbet examines the increasing problem of piracy in Gulf of Aden. Here are the video clips: Clip1 and Clip2.

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