Use LED Clever Collar to Light Up Your Work Space

by OldSailor on September 14, 2008


While working onboard, many times we felt the need to have a third hand to hold the torch light in poorly lit work spaces, while using both hands to work on the equipment.

Here comes the LED Clever Collar to work comfortably. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

LED_Clever_Collar1 LED_Clever_Collar2

This LED Clever Collar can be easily fixed to the screw driver. Also LED Clever Collar can be mounted on the bulkhead easily with it’s strong internal magnets to use it as inspection light. It is handy to use it as a regular torch light also. The ring on the LED Clever Collar has to be rotated to switch on/off the three bright LEDs.

The above image is from Herrington and for more details on LED Clever Collar, log on to Herrington catalog.

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