Sailor Gets Injured and Thrown Overboard by Swinging Boom of Yacht

by OldSailor on September 10, 2008


mca rescue Here is an unimaginable death caused to a sailor of a yacht at sea on September 07. The sequence of events are:

  • On September 07, twenty seven foot sailing sloop ‘Gun Smoke’ manned by two sailors was in the Bristol Channel, five miles south of Rhoose Point.
  • While navigating, one of the sailor was hit by the boom of the yacht and was thrown overboard by the impact.
  • The injured sailor was wearing a life jacket.
  • The other sailor present onboard made a distress call immediately on VHF Channel 16.
  • Swansea Coastguard received the Mayday call around 1500 hours, relayed the call and secured the assistance of six other vessels nearby.
  • Immediately a rescue helicopter was scrambled and a lifeboat from Barry, South Wales and an inshore lifeboat from Minehead, Somerset were launched.
  • All search units started moving towards the area provided by Swansea Coastguard.
  • The rescue helicopter spotted the sailor in unconscious state, the winch was lowered and the sailor was taken on helicopter by winch man.
  • The unconscious sailor was taken immediately to the University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff.

Though the Coastguard launched immediate rescue operation, unfortunately the sailor was declared dead at the hospital as he was injured by the boom. Learn how to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities while boating at Boating Safety and safecanada. Here is an interesting video clip on Boat Safety: What To Do In An Emergency (on situations like Man Over Board, Fire, Collision, Running aground, Engine failure, Capsize or swamping). Here is another video clip on Boating Safety Tips. Read more from Maritime and Coastguard Agency and BBC News.

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