Olympic Sailors Praise Virtual Sailing Simulator

by OldSailor on September 5, 2008


Olympic Sailing Competition 2008 at Qingdao, China concluded on August 24. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Sailing Competition witnessed participation by 400 of the world’s finest sailors in 272 boats represented by 62 nations. There were 11 sailing events during 13 days of competition to decide 33 medal winners.

Winning a race is purely the outcome of the training the sailors have undergone. Here is Virtual Sailing Simulator (also called as VSail Simulators, VSail-Trainer) which has helped the Olympic sailors to train themselves. VSail Simulator is the world’s first and only commercially available sailing simulator.

Some of the interesting features of VSail-Trainer are:

  • Computer controlled, pneumatic powered full sized sail boat simulator.
  • Interfaced with a computer to run on Windows 98/2000/XP with a dedicated nVidia graphics processor.
  • Real time controls are available like a sail boat with a tiller for steering, a mainsheet for sail control and to apply body weight for controlling the heel angle by the sailors.
  • At sea course configurations and wind conditions can be preset to suit any level of sailor from complete beginner to advanced sailor.
  • An optional “Access Unit” inside the cockpit helps the simulator to be controlled by either a mechanical joystick or an electronic joystick depending on the ability of the sailor.

Here are some photographs of the VSail-Trainer:


Here is simulator screen


The above two Images are from virtualsailing.

Here are some Olympic sailors who have used and praised this VSail Simulator:

  • Ben Ainslie – United Kingdom – Finn Class
  • Sarah Blanck – Australia – Laser Radial Class
  • Monica Azon – Spain -Yngling Class (Helm)
  • Krystal Weir -Australia-Yngling Class (Helm)

Here is an interesting video clip to demonstrate virtual sailing.

More information on VSail Simulator is available at virtualsailing.

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