Concept Ice Vehicle for Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition

by OldSailor on September 3, 2008


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Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV) is the prime attraction of the Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition. The Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition is set to cover a distance of around 3,000 miles, in the continent of Antarctica from the west coast to the South Pole, then heading north through the Trans-Antarctic Mountain Range to the coast at McMurdo. The team members Andrew Regan and Andrew Moon are experienced Polar Travelers.

Some of the interesting features of Concept Ice Vehicle are:

  • Looks like a modern space vehicle to explore planets.
  • Designed and developed at Group Lotus by Kieron Bradley, ex-chassis designer for two Formula 1 teams.
  • Runs on a trio of broad skis and powered by a tri blade propeller driven by a micro light engine.
  • Snow scooter skis have been avoided to suit to rough Antarctic terrain.
  • Vehicle components have been over engineered to survive -72°C and to withstand extreme vibrations.
  • A bio-fueled vehicle, consumes 6.6 miles per litre. Initially starts with petrol feed and changes over to bio fuel when engine warms up to right temperature.
  • Material: Titanium nitrate coated, 70/75 aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fibre, glass fibre, with a magnesium alloy engine.
  • Has minimum moving parts as the vehicle has to operate in freezing temperatures.
  • Being light, can be easily hauled manually across rough terrain in case of emergency.
  • Specifications:
    • Suspension: all-round independent suspension to cope with the sastrugi
    • Engine: Supercharged BMW 1150 engine adapted to run on E85 bio-ethenol
    • Size: 4.5m long x 4.5m wide
    • Weight: 360kg
    • Radar: Ice Penetrating Radar (IPR) unit detects hidden crevasses
    • Top Speed: 84 mph
  • It can also float and run on water.

Here are some photographs of Concept Ice Vehicle.



The above photographs are from the Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition.

More photographs of Concept Ice Vehicle are at autoblog.

Interesting video clips of Concept Ice Vehicle are here and here.

More information on Concept Ice Vehicle is at the Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition, Corvus Expedition.

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