Weekend Tips: Wake Up with Silent Alarm Clock

by OldSailor on August 30, 2008


How to wake up with a silent alarm clock during the weekend ?

Here is a silent alarm clock to ensure that only you wake up and not others nearby.


Some of the interesting features of silent alarm clock are:

  • No irritating loud sound.
  • Simply wear a wireless rubber ring.
  • Wireless rubber ring gives gentle vibrations to wake you.
  • Snoozing is possible by shaking your hand.
  • Successive snoozing needs more movement of your hands and this ensures you wake up.
  • Multiple alarms can be set from the base clock.

Interestingly you can keep this clock at your office also, to give you silent reminders to keep up your time schedules.

On the similar concept of silent alarm clock, here is Alarming Ring.

For more about silent alarm clock, log on to Yanko Design.

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