Royal Navy Sailors Test Positive for Cocaine

by OldSailor on August 28, 2008


Eighteen sailors of the Royal Navy from HMS Liverpool were tested positive for cocaine during routine medical test. It may be noted that the UK Ministry of Defence conducts Europe’s largest compulsory drug testing program to reduce drug misuse among service personnel.

Some more highlights are:

  • HMS Liverpool is the tenth of the Type 42 Destroyers and the seventh ship to bear the name.
  • HMS Liverpool is on mission to fight against international drugs smuggling and is nearing her completion of seven month deployment in the South Atlantic.
  • HMS Liverpool with her 240 crew onboard regularly patrols the Falkland Islands.
  • The test was carried out after the crew had a “run ashore” on a break at port of Santos in Brazil.
  • As the Royal Navy is viewing this incident seriously, all the 18 sailors on board HMS Liverpool are expected to be removed from the ship, flown back to the UK and discharged from service.

Only consolation about this incident is that in UK, drug misuse is almost 20 times more common in civilian workplaces than in the Navy.

More information on HMS Liverpool is here at Royal Navy.

Here is a video clip that shows the emotion and tragedy of cocaine abuse and addiction.

Here is a website to treat crack cocaine addiction.

Read more about this incident from BBC News, Mail Online.

Update: September 12

Eighteen sailors who recently tested positive for cocaine onboard HMS Liverpool have now been discharged from the Royal Navy. Read more from Royal Navy.

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