High Turnout for World Bog Snorkelling Championship

by OldSailor on August 27, 2008


Bog snorkelling is an interesting and funny annual sporting event that takes place every August Bank Holiday (last Monday in August) at Waen Rhydd peat bog, near Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales, Britain. The championships were started in 1985 as a fund raising initiative. All proceeds from this sporting event are donated to charities in the region.This event is different from Mountain bike Bog Snorkelling Championship or Bog Snorkelling Triathlon.

This year championship was held on August 25 with high turnout possibly due to Olympics syndrome. Among 170 participants, the winner is Conor Murphy, 23, from Leicester. He completed in 1 minute 38.9 seconds.

Here are some highlights of the event:

  • participants have to complete two consecutive lengths of 60 yards (55 metres) water filled trench cut through a peat bog.
  • participants are required to use snorkels and flippers to complete the course without using conventional swimming strokes, relying on flipper power alone.
  • lifting of the head is permitted only to find out the direction or orientation.
  • wet suits are not compulsory, but are usually worn.
  • each participant’s time is recorded, compared with others to announce the winner.
  • the winner is the one who completes the course in shortest time.
  • minimum age for participation is 14 and there is no upper age limit.
  • anyone under the influence of alcohol can not participate.
  • there are four categories in total: world, women’s, junior and local champions.
  • the world record was set in 2007, by Joanne Pitchforth with 1 minute 35.18 seconds.

Here are 10 amazing photographs covering this year’s event from Time.

Video clips of last year event are here, here.

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