Indian Navy to Conduct Joint Naval Exercise with JMSDF

by OldSailor on August 21, 2008


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Indian Navy is preparing to conduct joint naval exercise off Mumbai coast with Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces (JMSDF).

Some of the interesting features of the exercise are:

  • three JMSDF ships would be visiting Mumbai from August 23 to 26.
  • the visiting Japanese ships are
    • JDS Kashima (TV-3508): 5000 tonnes Training Vessel with 115 Midshipmen trainee officers of JMSDF.
    • JDS Asagiri (DD-151/TV-3516): 2500 Tonnes destroyer, commissioned in 1988, based at Kure.
    • JDS Umigiri (DD-158): 2500 Tonnes destroyer, commissioned in 1991, based at Kure.
  • a Delhi class destroyer and a Corvette from the Indian Navy are expected to participate in an advanced Passage Exercise (PASSEX) on August 26.
  • the PASSEX would involve OOW Manoeuvres, Flying Exercise, Cross Deck Flying, Photo Exercise, Underway Replenishment, Jackstay and Steam Past.

Interestingly during this week, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta is on five-day visit to Japan from August 20-24 and then he will go to South Korea on a two-day visit.

Here are the photographs of the visiting JMSDF ships:

JDS Kashima (TV-3508):


JDS Asagiri (DD-151/TV-3516):


JDS Umigiri (DD-158):


The above photographs are from JMSDF and for more information, log on to JMSDF.

News source: Press Information Bureau

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