Weekend Tips: Marine Wallpapers for Your PC

by OldSailor on August 16, 2008


Here are some tips for this weekend.

Set amazing marine wallpapers from National Geographic for your PC.

  • here is : Underwater Wrecks – nine wallpapers
  • here is : Underwater Exploration – seven wallpapers
  • here is : Underwater Creatures – eleven wallpapers
  • here is : Translucent Creatures – fifteen wallpapers
  • here is : Colorful Sea Creatures – ten wallpapers
  • here is : Coral Reefs – five wallpapers
  • here is : Oceans – seven wallpapers
  • here is : Discovering the Titanic - nine wall papers
  • here is : Milestones in Underwater Photography – ten wallpapers
  • here is : more underwater wallpapers and screensavers

For more updates, log on to National Geographic.

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