BBC One to Telecast World War II Japanese Shipwrecks in Pacific Abyss

by OldSailor on August 12, 2008



BBC One is going to telecast World War II Japanese Shipwrecks in their new series, ‘ Pacific Abyss ‘ in addition to marine life. The production was started in April/May 2007.

Here are some interesting features of Pacific Abyss:

  • Three hour long series in three episodes of one hour each.
  • The first episode will be telecast on August 17 at 2000 hours.
  • A series in which Kate Humble and a team of 30 top natural history filmmakers and deep water marine biologists have taken part.
  • The World War II Shipwrecks filmed are of Japan, that were destroyed during Operation Hailstorm on February 17, 1944 during World War II.
  • It is reported that 70 Japanese ships were sunk, 270 aircrafts were destroyed and about 3,000 people were killed during Operation Hailstorm.
  • Operation Hailstorm is considered as American action against Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 07,1941.
  • The location is Truk lagoon (7.37 N, 151.55 E), now known as Chuuk, in Micronesia made up of many small islands and atolls.

More information on Operation Hailstorm and photographs are here.

Amazing photographs and maps on Diving in Truk Lagoon covering the World War II Japanese Shipwrecks in 1998, 2000 and 2002 are here and here.

Interesting video clips on World War II Wrecks in Chuuk Lagoon: of ships here, of aircraft here, of Japanese Tank on a sunken Freighter here.

A video clip from BBC on “Pacific Abyss: Into the Abyss – The Fish Collectors” is here.

For more information on Pacific Abyss, log on to BBC One and Mail Online.

Update: September 04

Earthwatch volunteers and scientists have recently discovered a long oil slick coming from the sunken oil tanker Hoyo Maru and a smaller surface slick originating from the Rio de Janeiro Maru, at Chuuk (formerly known as Truk) Lagoon, a popular dive destination in Micronesia. Read more from EarthWatch.

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