Bouncing Ball on Water from Waboba

by OldSailor on August 10, 2008


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The ball you see above is from Waboba that can bounce on water. This ball is specially designed to bounce in water as it is having the right density and softness.

Here are some interesting features of Waboba ball:

  • looks like a golf ball but can bounce and float on water
  • ball made out of polyurethane with lycra coating
  • useful for playing games in the swimming pools, lakes and beaches
  • how to play a game with this ball ? Rules are here
  • the inventor of the ball and game is a Swede, Jan von Heland
  • unsuitable for use on the ground or hard surface
  • not recommended for use by children below the age of three.

Interesting video clips of Waboba ball areĀ  here and here.

For more information about Waboba ball and to buy, log on to Waboba.

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