Test Your Skills by Predicting the Temperature in Antarctica

by OldSailor on August 7, 2008



Here is a chance to test your skills to predict the temperature in Antarctica during National Science Week 2008. The competition starts on Australian Antarctic Division’s website on August 15.

Australian Antarctic Division has announced the following:

Will the world’s lowest temperature ever recorded be reached in Antarctica during National Science Week 2008 ?

Dome Argus is the highest and possibly the coldest place in Antarctica. Put your predictive skills to the test, examine all of the available data and guess the minimum temperature at Dome A each day during National Science Week: 15 to 24 August 2008.

People who guess correctly will have the chance to claim a cool poster of Antarctic animals as their prize for determining the correct minimum temperature. You could be part of climate history if a new record is set for the world’s lowest surface temperature!

Dome Argus is located 1316 km from Davis station.

Here you can view Davis station online through webcam.

For a photograph of Dome A and for more information regarding the competition log on to Australian Antarctic Division.

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