An Appeal to Shipping Companies: Save The Falls of Clyde

by OldSailor on August 3, 2008



Here is an appeal to Shipping Companies to save ‘The Falls of Clyde’.

Bishop Museum has announced that ‘ The Falls of Clyde ‘, formerly the main attraction in the museum’s Maritime Centre in Honolulu Harbor, will be sunk next month unless a buyer comes forward with a plan to save and restore the vessel by September 01.

Here are some interesting features of ‘ The Falls of Clyde ‘:

  • 128-year-old ‘The Falls of Clyde’ is listed as a National Historic Landmark
  • before the vessel was de-rigged last month, she held the distinction of being the world’s last remaining four-masted, steel-hulled, full-rigged ship
  • as the Bishop Museum is incurring expenses of several hundred thousand dollars each year on insurance, labor costs and maintenance, the ship has been closed to the public since last year
  • presently the leaky vessel remains afloat by shore-based electrical pumps
  • now the ship is being prepared to be towed from the harbor
  • the ship will be sunk 15 miles off Honolulu Harbor, 1,800 feet down in the ocean
  • it would cost $24 million to $32 million to restore the ship

Here are some photographs of ‘ The Falls of Clyde ‘


Image source:Wikipedia


Here is an interesting video clip which shows ‘The Falls of Clyde’ taking part in ‘Boston Tea Party re-enactment’ at Honolulu.

For more information read Honolulu Advertiser.

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