Qingdao: Olympic Games 2008 Sailing Competition Postpones International Beer Festival

by OldSailor on August 1, 2008


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Chinese city Qingdao has postponed 18th International Beer Festival due to Olympic Games 2008-Sailing Competition to be held from August 09 to 23.

Here are some interesting features of the Qingdao International Beer Festival:

  • Qingdao started hosting the Beer Festival from 1991 and it is held in the second week of August each year for 16 days.
  • Qingdao combines tourism, culture, sports, economy and trade during this largest national festival.
  • As Qingdao is also the centre to host Olympic Games 2008-Sailing Competition, this year’s International Beer Festival has been postponed to September. Now it will be hosted from September 19 to October 05, 2008.
  • The reason ? Here are some facts from last year’s International Beer Festival which was held from August 11 to 26, 2007.
    • attracted 3.6 million visitors, 30.9% increase over the year 2006
    • consumed 1006 tons beer, 18.3% increase over the year 2006
  • It is obvious that if the International Beer Festival is held in August, then Olympic Games 2008-Sailing Competition may not be an attraction to the visitors.

Here are some interesting features on 29th Olympic Games’ sailing competitions 2008 to be held at Qingdao:

  • covers a sea area of 50 square km.
  • to host sailing events from August 09 to 23.
  • around 400 participants from 65 countries will compete for 11 gold medals.
  • now the Olympic sailing venue is free from massive algae bloom which covered 32 percent of the sailing venue and posed as a threat to host the games.
  • around 1,400 boats,10,000 troops and volunteers cleared more than 1 million tons of algae.
  • underwater robots, video cameras and divers have been deployed to counter any underwater threat.
  • a total of 3.28 billion yuan (481 million U.S. dollars ) has been spent to build the Olympic Sailing venues.

More information on Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre is available here and about Sailing is available here.

Video clip of the beautiful Qingdao is here.

Video clip on removal of massive algae bloom is here and here.

More information on Qingdao International Beer Festival is available here.

Video clip on Qingdao International Beer Festival 2007 is here.

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