Italy to Build a Ship to Handle Radioactive Waste of Russian Nuclear Submarines

by OldSailor on July 31, 2008


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Italy has signed a contract to build a ship to transport safely the toxic radioactive waste from the Russian nuclear submarines that are dismantled. The radioactive waste from the shipyards and naval bases during dismantling will be shipped to ports through this ship and then transferred, by railway, to treatment and stocking sites.

Some of the interesting features of the ship to be built are:

  • to be designed and built by Fincantieri,Italian ship builder with 200 years of shipbuilding experience at their Liguria yards
  • at a cost of 71.5 million Euros, to be financed by Italy’s Ministry for the Economic Development
  • the multi-function ship will be
    • 84 metres long
    • 14 metres wide
    • with a full-load draft of 4.05 metres
    • 720 ton cargo capacity
    • 1,700 ton deadweight
    • cruising speed of 12 knots
  • the ship will have two hermetic cargo holds capable of holding a total of 18 containers, 40 tons each
  • the ship will have a revolving electro-hydraulic crane with a lifting capacity of 45 tons and a radius of 4–15 metres
  • will be able to autonomously navigate for 60 days with a cruising range of 3,000 nautical miles
  • the ship will be able to carry all types of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste
  • to be delivered in 2011
  • Rosatom, the Russian Body for Atomic Energy is the technical guarantor for the operation and Italy’s Ministry for the Economic Development will be the financial guarantor of the agreement
  • to be built under the supervision of the Russian Naval Registry in accordance with all Russian and international safety standards
  • the ship on delivery will be under the operational control of Atomflot, Russia
  • the contract was signed on July 28 in Moscow

For more information,

  • here is the press release by Fincantieri.
  • here is the press release by Rosatom.

Here is a video clip on Nuclear Waste Management Practices followed in Power Plants.

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