Worlds Fastest Russian Nuclear Submarine K-222 being Dismantled

by OldSailor on July 25, 2008



World’s fastest submarine, the Russian nuclear powered K-222 is being dismantled. K-222 had a nuclear reactor accident on September 30,1980. Thereafter by 1988, she was placed in reserve at Belomorsk Naval Base in Severodvinsk.

Some of the interesting features of K-222 are:

  • Called as Project 661 (Anchar), known in the West by its NATO Papa class
  • Also designated as K-222 (former K-162) submarine
  • Commissioned on December 31,1969
  • Maximum speed of 25 knots at surface
  • Submerged speed of 44 knots
  • Endurance of 70 days
  • Displacement: 5190 tons surfaced / 7000 tons dived
  • Builders: Sevmashpredpriyatiye, Severodvinsk, Russia
  • Maximum diving depth of 400 metres and crush depth of 550 metres
  • Dimensions:106.92 m x 11.50 m x 8.20 m
  • Complement:82
  • Hull: Titanium alloy due to which nicknamed as ‘Golden Fish’

K-222 will be dismantled at Sevmash, the only facility capable of handling the titanium hull. Programme for Decommissioning of Multipurpose Nuclear Submarines in the North-West of Russia is available here.

Video clips of K-222 are available here and here.

More information is here at Russia Today.

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