Weekend Alert: Death due to Dry Drowning

by OldSailor on July 20, 2008



This weekend alert is about Dry Drowning. Drowning is immersion in water or fluid that cuts off air supply to lungs in the body. Due to lack of oxygen in the body, drowning causes death. This drowning can also be called as wet drowning.

Here is something different. Death can be due to Dry Drowning also.

What is Dry Drowning ?

  • causes death due to lack of oxygen but not immediate death like drowning
  • death caused due to a delayed effect of a small quantity of water inside the lungs
  • this can happen even after 1 hour to 24 hours after coming out of swimming pool
  • about 15 percent of drowning victims have experienced dry drowning
  • persons suffering from asthma may also be at risk of dry drowning
  • water boarding can also cause dry drowning
  • prolonged breathing in any gas other than oxygen that does not cause death on its own (like working in confined spaces where there is lack of oxygen)

Symptoms of Dry Drowning:

  • difficulty in breathing
  • shorter breath
  • continuous coughing
  • extreme tiredness
  • pain in chest
  • changes in behavior or attitude

Whenever you find someone with the above symptoms, immediately seek medical attention to avoid death.

Here is a video clip that you must see to know more about Dry Drowning.

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